What energizes me the most about Cardano is that it’s presented as an opportunity for financial identity to those who would normally be left out. Despite all of our 21st century advancements, the world still remains an uneven playing field controlled by the powerful elite. As such, you’re subject to an oppressive disadvantage if you’re not one of them.

In my view, movements attempting to change the status quo typically seem like too big of a task. Bold initiatives to change this have been proclaimed many times in the past, but the problem stems from trying to change the system from within the system.

Cardano’s proposal is to build a new foundation, not solely outside the system, but compatible in such a way as to bridge the gap and offer a real opportunity for change. It offers a decentralized, trustless blockchain platform allowing the smaller voices to have a more meaningful chance than ever before.


I believe in this meaningful chance to change the world. I’m here as a stake pool operator to participate in this new paradigm and help create a legitimate opportunity for myself and others. I want to offer my own story as part of this decentralized promise of Cardano.

My story is perhaps not unique, but to me it’s special. This pool is a project of passion and of community. Ever since Cardano stake pool operation was announced, I determined this was something I wanted to be involved with. Early on in the ITN I was intimately involved with learning from many talented developers who were in the trenches hammering out code and staying up all night to keep servers alive. As community guides began to formulate, I got to task and launched my own ITN pool [ORCL].

Fast forward to today, I again have to say I stand on the shoulders of giants in our community that have guided and empowered me in establishing my pool as a cornerstone of the decentralized promise of the Cardano ecosystem. I am so happy and proud to be a humble member of the Cardano community, especially among this incredible group of “OG” stake pool operators.

HEART in the community

For everything I can do, I am more than happy to pay it forward to anyone if you have any questions at all about Cardano, stake pool operations or my crypto journey in general. I have spent an obscene number of hours consuming all I can about the Cardano project since early 2018. I don’t have the math background to dissect the technical papers, but I can see the bigger picture unfolding. Charles Hoskinson, empowered from his experience, knowledge, background and circle of influencers has presented a vision that is inspiring and something I absolutely align with.

Having a financial identity, built on a replicated infrastructure that increases performance as more users come to the system, founded on science, built with rigorous formal methods, accessible to as many as possible and empowered by the community itself is the HEART of the Cardano ecosystem.

At any time feel free to reach out to me. I have so much energy to talk about Cardano and I would love to connect with you.

I would be honored if you selected HEART for your Cardano investment to grow. We are very literally in this together!