Work with the Cardano community and ADA delegators to provide a responsible staking option using IOG best practices for long term success, and be a positive influence in the community.


The Right Tools. The Right Heart.

The parameters of ADA HEART Stake Pool are intended to resonate with our passionate Cardano delegators that can appreciate the nuances of what HEART can offer.

Stake ADA with HEART

2% Fees*

Stake pools offer value to the Cardano network. Time, expertise and marketing have value on their own merit. *May adjust to market conditions

Fair rewards

Profitability is essential for long term success. Incentive to operate is a key security measure of the Cardano network. Fees allow proper resources to be invested in pool operation.

57K Pledge

Pledge exists to guard the network against attacks. HEART takes a responsible and long term approach to pledge with an appropriate balance.

Consistency Matters

As ADA inevitably increases in value, it’s not unreasonable to take profits. ADA removed from pledge can affect delegator rewards without warning. HEART won’t leave your stake un-rewarded.

Cloud Infrastructure

With strong guarantees, safety features and many redundancies, HEART chose cloud services for future-proof reliability of the pool.

Robust Network

Simply put, cloud services offer infrastructure hard to reproduce at home. HEART is built for long term reliable operation.


@adaheartpoolADA HEART Cardano Stake Pool Operator
ADA HEART Stake Pool is run by long time Cardano community member @rjmcoin.

@rjmcoin has a consistent post history of helping answer Cardano questions and offer valuable insight to the project. Aligning with the bigger picture of Cardano, the long term commitment of ADA HEART pool is a product of passion. Privacy features, oracle services and other upcoming upgrades to Cardano is why ADA HEART pool is here to add value to the Cardano ecosystem.

Humble beginnings. Everyone starts somewhere. I hope that my perspectives on Cardano and my values as an operator resonate with you. Much more to come but I hope you feel inspired to learn more about me and hopefully we can share common ground on what you value in a stake pool operation and a member of the Cardano community.

Please feel free to reach out to @rjmcoin or @adaheartpool any time!

Twitter Presence 85%
Reddit Presence 65%

Best practices and positive influence!

2% Fees | 57K Forever* Pledge | Cloud Infrastructure

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